Free Gastric Scoping Day

Free Gastric Scoping day to be held again on July 4th 2017 at HEVC.

HEVC I conjunction with Randlab will be hosting another free gastric scoping day. Only cost is the sedation fee. If you think your horse may have gastric ulcers please contact the clinic to save a spot on the day. Spaces usually fill up fast.

Clinical signs of gastric ulcers are vague and are not specific but can include; Poor appetite, colic, decreased performance, attitude change, poor body condition and weight loss.

There is only one sure way to confirm ulcers, Esophagogastroscopy, or simply “stomach scoping,” is the only means to prove whether ulcers exist or not. No food is to be fed six to eight hours before scoping. A light sedative is given five minutes before the passing of the three-meter scope, similar to passing a stomach tube, down the horse’s oesophagus. It is extremely common that the horses scoped have severe ulceration of the squamous part of the stomach area where 80 percent of the ulcers are found in adult horses.
The severity of stomach ulcers is rated in grades from an inflamed but intact epithelium (Grade 0 ulcer), superficial erosions of the mucosal surface (Grade 1 ulcer) to single superficial erosions of the mucosal surface (Grade 2 ulcer) to multiple actively haemorrhaging hyperaemic (Grade 3 ulcer).

Gastric Scoping Hawkesbury Equine Veterinary Centre

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