Discounted Hendra Vaccinations

Vaccinating for Hendra Virus

Like you, we are very concerned about the recent Hendra case in Scone. As more information comes to hand in relation to this case we will inform our clients so that there is a better understanding of how it occurred. In response to this recent case, commencing Monday 17th June, 2019 Hawkesbury Equine Veterinary Centre will be Vaccinating for Hendra until Wednesday 31st July at discounted rates.

Price rates will be as follows:
• $170 for 1 horse in the field (plus mileage)
• $135 for 2 to 3 horses (plus mileage)
• $122 for 4 or more horses (plus mileage)
• $135 for 1 horse in the clinic
• Horses requiring microchipping in conjunction with the Hendra vaccination will also be done at a reduced rate of $32 per horse.

If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please contact our office to make a booking on (02) 4577 4611.

Once your horse is vaccinated, your horse’s details will be entered into the National Hendra Vaccination Registry and booster reminders set up in our system for your peace of mind. The vaccination does not just protect your beloved horses, it offers a protection against exposure to the virus for your children and yourselves.

If you suspect Hendra, don’t hesitate call the vet immediately.

Common Symptoms
• Depression
• Increased heart rate
• Acute onset of illness
• Increased body temperature
• Discomfort / weight shifting between legs
• Rapid deterioration with respiratory and possible nasal discharge
• Neurological signs including wobbly gait, head tilting, muscle twitching, urinary incontinence

Reduce the Risk of Spreading the Virus
• Contact your equine vet immediately
• Isolate sick horses from other horses, animals and people
• Protect Water and food sources from contamination by flying foxes
• Do not plant trees that attract flying foxes in on near horse paddocks
• Ensure strict hygiene and cleaning practices are used on your property
• Personal Protective equipment such as gloves, coveralls, boot covers, facial shields, safety eye and respiratory protective devices are used when Hendra virus is a potential diagnosis

Please refer to our website for our Hendra Policy and for further information regarding the Hendra virus, please refer to the DPI website.

Posted 17/6/19

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