Lameness Examinations

Lameness in our equine athletes is a very common and often frustrating condition. Unfortunately horses cannot tell us where they are sore and what they have done. For this reason, diagnosing the cause of your horse’s lameness requires a proper veterinary work-up (lameness examination). The vets at HEVC are experienced at diagnosing and treating lameness in horses.

Our team will work through an initial examination, including flexion tests and local anaesthetic blocks as required, to determine the location of the lameness. Whilst we are able to perform lameness examinations in the field, more complicated cases are best seen at the clinic. At the clinic we have a controlled environment with a firm flat surface for trot-ups along with help from our experienced nurses and digital radiography on-hand.


Once the lameness has been localised, we have high quality digital radiography and ultrasound equipment to help identify what disease process is causing your horse pain. With this diagnosis we can work with you to design a treatment protocol, including; surgery, medication, regenerative therapy, physiotherapy and complimentary procedures.

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