Pre-Purchase Examinations

Purchasing a horse with unknown pre-existing health problems can be costly both financially and emotionally. At Hawkesbury Equine Veterinary Centre, we recommend a complete and thorough evaluation prior to the purchase of any horse whether it is a pleasure pony or a racing/performance animal. We perform suitability examinations in accordance with the Australian Equine Veterinarians Association (EVA) guidelines and using the standard protocol. We also perform a range of evaluations prior to export overseas.

A standard suitability examination consists of a thorough physical examination followed by evaluation of the horses gait at the walk, trot and canter and following backing and turning. Flexion tests are performed and all horses are lunged on a firm level surface. Examination under saddle may be requested.

To perform a thorough suitability examination we require a flat, even, dry, firm surface for the horse to be trotted in a straight line and lunged. We also require a person who is fit and capable of running with the horse for the flexion tests. If the appropriate surface or personnel are not available, we recommend bringing the horse to the clinic where we have the facilities and experienced staff to help.

Extra tests can be performed as part of this examination in order to gain a more detailed clinical impression of the horse. This may include digital xray, upper respiratory tract endoscopy and drug testing.

We encourage purchasers to discuss their requirements with our veterinarians prior to the commencement of the suitability evaluation.

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